The makings of an industrial breakthrough

Hiwonder Sdn. Bhd. manufactures Foracell’s floral foam, which are available in blocks and shapes, and can be cut and molded into an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Hiwonder also supplies formalphen class ‘O’ phenolic insulation foam for the construction industry.

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Foracell floral foam from Hiwonder

Hiwonder’s globally trusted brand of floral foam, Foracell, is a phenolic water absorbent foam specially developed for use by professional florists in the decoration and arrangement of fresh flowers.

10 years of perfecting the art manufacturing floral foam

Foracell’s superior phenolic floral foam is the outcome of our founder’s in-lab research and development activities.

10 years of hard work, coupled with his vast knowledge and experience in the chemical industry has resulted in Foracell’s strong presence globally.

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Going further with insulation foam

With another idea in mind, our founder ventured one step further into developing a type of phenolic foam which is close-celled for insulation uses in heating and ventilating systems. This new product is now being produced and exported 100% to countries such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Middle East.

Excellence on a global scale

Hiwonder is the only reputed company in the world that is capable of producing both types of phenolic foam on a commercial basis using the latest state of the art technology which is ‘CFC’ free in accordance with the Montreal Protocol established in 1987 to protect the ozone layer of our atmosphere.

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Growth has always been in our nature.

Plans are on the drawing board for Formal Chemical’s Group of Companies to enter into the next phase of expansion and diversification drive. Through it’s Hiwonder outfit, we plan to exploit the advantages of established insulation materials especially Polyurethane foam in the building industry. Products we have in mind to develop and produce include ceiling board, fire-rating door, wall and roof panels.

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